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Mica Magic Stamp Pads

When I saw these pads were being released soon, I thought it would solve all my messy pigment powder/stamp pad issues. For a lot of my air dry clay boxes I used pigment inks and pigment powders for a great depth and richness of color. The inks and powders did not stick well to the tiles and so a spray varnish was needed to set the colors and the process was time consuming due to the number of layers needed to complete the process. Mica pigment stamp pads seem to be a great substitute for the other methods I was using. So I ordered some to test them out.

When I received the pads, I was amazed by the richness in color. They were so bright and luminous. However, I noticed the ink was very thick, and somewhat hard to use. When used for stamping the color was slightly translucent, but very rich. Because of the powders, it that appeared it was hard for the stamp to pick up much of the ink.

I noticed the packaging said "Fast drying Pigment Ink", and they were not kidding. A week later when I opened the pad, the pad seemed hard and dry. After a little internet research I found that many of the pages that sell this product have a side note. The dryness of the pad is normal, and if appears too dry after sitting for a while, then rub the pad with a plastic spoon and that will get the pad ready again for stamping. I tried this but it didn't work for me. I also read somewhere that these pads need to be reinked often. If they have to be reinked after every use, I don't know if they are worth it. Maybe I did something wrong, but it is back to the old method of pigment ink and pigment powders.

I don't think that these pads would replace my heavy handed way of added pigment powders. There are a number of other pads on the market that have pigment added to them which will be reviewed later.