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Cold Heat Cordless Glue Gun

Opening the package, I squealed in delight, my first fancy craft tool! I am a craft tool junky going way back, but this was a different scale. A craft tool with all the bells and whistles of a serious handyman's tool, the Cold Heat glue gun is definitely a serious piece of craft machinery.

A comfort grip on the handle, a rechargeable battery pack, a light to guide the tip for glue! This little guy has it all! There are two different setting for temperature on the side of the gun, which is nice, and the temps are not next to each other, right is for low, and left is for high, so the user can't accidentally have the gun on the wrong setting. The cold heat is interesting because it gets hot very quickly, and cools down very quickly, less chance for burns.

There is a little light on the back of the glue gun which lights up red to show when the battery is low. This is my one problem with anything rechargeable, more pieces to lose, the charger and the battery pack. But the weight of the battery pack makes the glue gun comfortable in the hand while working on projects.

Skeptical at first, one of the biggest pet peeves with glue guns is the tendency for them to leak glue from the tip after a while. So far so good for this glue gun, no leakage after many uses.

A great buy for a crafter who uses the glue gun often, and needs something a bit more portable than the plug in kind. When going to shows, this is a very useful tool indeed.