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Shrink Plastic Tips and Tricks

Tips and tricks
Shrink Plastic directions always have good tips to follow if you need help.
Some suggestions:

  • Toaster ovens are my preferred shrinking method. Not only do they heat up quickly, they regulate the temperature well.
  • If you are sanding your plastic, make sure to sand the plastic thoroughly. Colored pencils are more vivid if the plastic is roughened.
  • There are many different mediums to use on plastic, pencils, solvent ink pads, chalk, acrylics, even puff paints. Experiment!
  • I prefer E6000 for gluing two pieces of plastic together.
  • For a three dimensional look draw with a permanent marker on the front of the plastic (the sanded side) then color in on the back.
  • When cutting shrink plastic, use darts when cutting in tight corners. The plastic is likely to break if you have small pieces sticking out.
  • Have something handy when you shrink the plastic to flatten it out just in case it doesn't flatten completely. Make sure your flattener does not have any texture that will transfer to the piece.
  • Punch holes before you shrink the plastic. It will make life a lot easier.
  • One of the best suggestions comes with Shrinky Dinks, make yourself a shrink plastic ruler. Measure out inches on plastic. Shrink it down and you will that the amount the pieces will shrink.

Like I mentioned before, experiment. Shrink plastic is a very versatile medium, and everyone has a slightly different approach.