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Air Dry Clays: Delight

On the article about Creative Paperclay I talked about some of the different types of clays that are available that do not need a kiln to fire them. Besides Paperclay, the same company has a few different choices for air dry clay, one of which is Delight.

Delight is quite different in feel than Paperclay. It is more lightweight and less dense. While Paperclay does dry to a light weight feel, Delight is even lighter. It is a non-toxic, clean, easy to use clay which has an almost hollow feel when it is bone dry. Of the other clays on the market, Delight is closer to a Crayola Model Magic in texture but there are marked differences between the two.

Delight comes in several colors, white, blue, red, and yellow. Some crafters add acrylic paint to the clay, which works just as well as mixing colors of clay. It holds the color of acrylic paint fine and like many things shouldn't be left out in direct sunlight.

The clay is easy to work with and easy to form. It is helpful to keep a small container of water near because of the quick drying nature of air dry clays, but do not wet the clay too much because it will stick to fingers if too wet. Also if the pieces are not sticking together well, a bit of white glue helps them adhere to each other. Again a little goes a long way, the water in the glue affects the drying time of the piece so if you are unsure if it will stick, just hold any pieces together until you feel there is a tight bond.

Because of the lightweight nature of the clay, it is a good addition to scrapbooks and other paper projects. Acylics can be added to the clay before it is dry or painted afterwards. If it is painted after drying it should be sealed with an acrylic sealer.

For more information about Delight visit the manufacturer's website:

When Pigs Fly- A project I created using the product.