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Air Dry Clays: Creative Paperclay

There are a number of different clays where you do not need a kiln at home to use. One of the more popular types are polymer clays. They provide a clean finish which you can sand, stain, leave natural, there are many different techniques, and many books written on the subject.

However, the market for different air dry clays has been growing. There are a number of different clays, and they are very different in textures drying times. These clays are popular in the doll making industry, due to the properties of the clays.

In terms of crafting there are a number of clays which are good for making embellishments for scrap booking, due to the lightness of the clay when it is dry. One such clay is Creative Paperclay. The clay holds up well when stamped, and adding acrylics or pigments to the wet clay allows for more color choices. If it dries out water can be added to the clay to make it workable again. For that reason, the clay needs to be sealed after the project is finished, so it is waterproof.

Paperclay can be sanded and painted with a number of different paints. It takes acrylics nicely, or just brushing on some pigment ink works well, but doesn't dry quickly. Dye inks soak into the clay quicker and don't tend to smear as easily. To seal in the color brush or spray on an acrylic sealer. However a spray sealer works better with the pigment inks which tend mix with a brush on sealant.

There is a little bit of shrinkage to the clay. Since it is air dry, as the clay dries, the water evaporates, causing the shrinkage. So if there is a surface that needs to be covered make sure to make the pattern bigger. Approximately an 1/16 of an inch shrinkage for every inch.


For more information about Paperclay visit the manufacturer's website:

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